10 Recipes to Celebrate Summer 

Enjoy the tastes of summer with Taste USA! Why not try some of our favourite seasonal recipes on your adventures to the beach, barbecues with friends, laying by the pool. Soak in all that summer has to offer!

No matter your craving, we have sweet and savoury recipes that are simple to make and make use of everyday, seasonal ingredients.
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Taste the Summer with Taste USA

Kids’ Watermelon Strawberry Frozen Smoothie Pops or Ice Cream

Watermelon is the ultimate summer treat, so why not enjoy it in more ways than simply sliced! Blend it for a sweet drink or freeze it to help keep you cool! We love it blended with California strawberries too – these flavours pair so well together.

Frozen watermelon cubes are also perfect to add to water and drinks to keep them cool – and add natural sweetness.

Taste the Summer with Taste USA

Bartlett Pear Thyme Sorbet

Elevate your ice cream pallet with this flavourful pear and thyme sorbet combo. It’s simple to come together and is just one more example of how versatile U.S pears are. They are as wonderful in recipes as they are out of hand.

Taste the Summer with a Pear Thyme Sorbet Recipe from Taste USA

Watermelon Carvings

Watermelon Carvings are a great activity to do with your kids and embrace the summer heat!

There are so many fun ways to enjoy U.S. Watermelons!

Taste the Summer with Taste USA

Grilled Pears

Get your BBQ going with grilled fruit! When you grill U.S. pears, their flavours are enhanced by the smoky flames, and you’ll find that the natural sugars are caramelized.

Taste the Summer with Taste USA

Vegan California Prune Power Balls

Looking to kick up your energy with a vegan friendly snack? Then these California Prune Power Balls are for you! Easy and delicious to pack on a hike with each ball being bite-sized and naturally sweet. They are also great for packed lunches!

Taste the Summer with Taste USA

Acai Bowl with California Prunes

Wake up to the beautiful sunrise with a delicious and luscious acai bowl filled with California Prunes. This treat will help you to feel fuller, longer.

Taste the Summer with Taste USA

Watermelon Jamaican Rock Lobster Tacos

Switch up Taco Night! This taco will become your go-to recipe for family get togethers and guests because it comes together so quickly and tastes delicious with watermelon!

Taste the Summer with Taste USA

California Prune Trail Mix

Snack on with this easy-to-make California Prune Trail Mix. Made with wholesome ingredients, this trail mix is a healthy snack for all ages.

Taste the Summer with Taste USA

Watermelon Chutney

Watermelons can be used in more ways than one, so try out this recipe on how to use the watermelon rind. It’s such a great way to stretch your grocery budget AND waste less food!

Taste the Summer with Taste USA

Crunchy Fennel, Napa Cabbage and Peanut Slaw

Coleslaw is the perfect make-ahead salad to bring to summer get-togethers. We also love to keep a big batch in the fridge to enjoy over several days at home. Switch up your usual recipe, and try something different. You’ll love the taste of crispy cabbage paired with the mild licorice flavour of fennel. Crunchy U.S. peanuts add the final touch.

Taste the Summer with Taste USA

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