Hawaii Papaya Industry Association

In November 1965, the Hawaii papaya industry was formally organized.  The dream was to have an organization of the papaya industry and not a marketing cooperative. The vision of the Hawaii Papaya Industry Association (HPIA) envisions is to ensure nutritious, quality Hawaii grown papayas are available to consumers worldwide.  The association promotes the improvement of business conditions in the State of Hawaii for the papaya industry, including the conditions relating to cultivation, distribution, sales, and use of papayas.

HPIA currently ships Hawaii papaya to Canada, Japan, Germany, and the Mainland U.S.  Consumers can choose from a variety of Hawaii papayas: Rainbow, Kapoho, and Sunrise/Sunup.

Rainbow is the principal variety grown in and shipped from the islands. This papaya is resistant to the ringspot virus disease, and its greenish-yellow skin turns yellow as the fruit ripens, and consumer testing has confirmed the extreme popularity of this golden yellow flesh variety.

The pear-shaped, high-sugar Kapoho papaya has a greenish-yellow skin that turns yellow as the fruit ripens, similar to the Rainbow variety. The deep yellow flesh has a pleasant, peach-melon taste.  The Sunrise (or SunUp) has a freckled greenish-yellow skin that turns yellow as the fruit ripens. Inside, however, its flesh is a juicy, dramatic red-orange colour.

In 2013, the HPIA will be coordinating marketing efforts under the banner of the Synergistic Hawaii Agricultural Council (SHAC).  This council will also support the Hawaii Coffee Association (HCA) and the Hawaii Floriculture and Nursery Association (HFNA).

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