California Olive Committee

Federal Marketing Order No. 932 was established in 1965 by olive growers and canners under the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937 to affect the orderly marketing of olives grown in California.

The California Olive Committee administers the Marketing Order programs. The Committee, serving for a period of two years, consists of eight producer members, plus 8 alternates, representing the growers from our olive growing districts. The remaining members include 8 handler members plus 8 alternates, representing the two canneries in California.

The California Olive Committee is comprised of two canneries and thousands of family farmers, who raise olives on about 27,000 acres of orchards that crisscross the warm inland valleys of California.

California produces over 95% of the olives grown in the US. California olives come from multi-generational orchards powered by hardworking American farmers and their families. There are two main varieties of trees that produce our olives: Manzanillo and Sevillano. These different varieties produce different sizes of olives, giving consumers a choice ranging from small to super colossal.

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