California Cling Peach Board

Established in 1996, the California Cling Peach Board strives to create an environment that enhances the use of the Cling Peach through industry standards, research and innovation. The Board represents all Cling Peach growers in the state, numbering approximately 700.

California cling peaches are premium-quality peaches that retain their shape and colour, making them ideal for canning. California cling peaches are picked at the height of ripeness and canned within 24 hours. As well, there are no preservatives in canned peaches. The peaches are packed in light syrup, pear juice or water.

The versatility of canned peaches provides endless food options with the added benefit of vitamins and fibre equivalent to fresh or frozen peaches.  They can easily be added to a cereal or pancakes for breakfast or a salad or sandwich for lunch. Consider including peaches in dinner menus such as stir-fry, tacos, meat entrees, side dishes and desserts.

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