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You don’t achieve perfect overnight. In fact, the journey to Bard Valley Natural Delights took about 8,000 years. Our ancestors first plucked the soft, amber-brown fruit of the date palm around 6,000 B.C. – making the date the oldest cultivated fruit in the world.

The Medjool date was known as the fruit of kings. For years, only royalty and honoured guests indulged in its luxurious sweetness, unparalleled complexity of flavour, and creamy flesh. Commoners, meanwhile, settled for a more common variety of date: something dryer, harder, less sweet and conveniently snackable.

Monarchs came and went, but the Medjool never lost its crown. The delicacy with royal DNA continues to reign as the king of fruits, a gourmet treat and five-star menu ingredient renowned the world over.

Sink your teeth into one Bard Valley Natural Delights Medjool and you’ll understand why. Bursting with flavour, the deliciously chewy Medjool takes your palette on tour: from honey-like richness to brown-sugary sweetness, with detours that lead your taste buds to hints of caramel and the subtlest trace of cinnamon.  It’s so delicious that many first-timers can’t believe this date has no added sweetener.

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